BrowserPlus goes off-network!… almost?!?

After a year and a half of development, BrowserPlus is released into the hands of web developers worldwide promising to change the future of client-side web development, as the new motto states, “on the fly.” A whole host of new services are come with the release, not the least of which are Motion (a service that exposes accelerator data from the local device as input) and Uploader (which completes the Drag-and-Drop upload dream by facilitating file upload for any site, not media just to Flickr). As a user-submitted spreadsheet shows, BrowserPlus does a great job of complementing features provided by Gears, not competing with them.

However, with all this webdev excitement coming early this Christmas, there’s plenty of mystery to prepare us for Halloween. A trip over to the BrowserPlus site communicates a simple and unexplained off-the-air promise to “be back shortly…” In fact, not even the old demos like PhotoDrop and JSONRequest are available.

It’s hardly reasonable to think the site shut down for performance reasons given that almost all of the BrowserPlus content is static. So what could be causing the delay? A late breaking security flaw? Inadvertently offensive misuse of religious text? Cold feet on the big day?

Here’s hoping that Yahoo! resolves the issue soon and the rest of us can get our hands on the goods….

UPDATE Steve informed me Friday that the undisclosed issues were resolved and BrowserPlus is open for download or development as of Halloween (the original planned launch date). Congrats to all my peeps in virtual Sunnyvale!

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  1. Skylar, “issue” resolved.

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