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This evening I went to see The Confederate States of America Order Plavix online cheap, . It is good, Nebraska NE Nebr. , Ostaa halvalla Plavix, and it will change the way you look at your world, if only for a few hours, Plavix pedido en línea. Order Plavix no prescription, The movie parodies a british documentary about the history of the Confederate States of America, as if they had won the Civil War and slavery was still legal in the states, Oregon OR Ore. . Comprar Plavix, At first the notion seemed a little hokey to me - what's the point of making a history that did not and will not come to pass. However the merit of the film was that it constructed a history in a way that was almost believable but captured just enough absurdity to let you laugh comfortably at it and feel uneasy about the ideas portrayed at the same time, cheap Plavix pills. You can get a feel for this by looking at the timeline on the movie's web site, order Plavix online cheap. Goedkope Plavix apotheek, To me the movie had two important points - that we take for granted how easily truth is masked, and we live much closer to the state of racial divide portrayed in the movie that we believe, order Plavix. Plavix pharmacy, Much of our viewpoint is how we market the current state of the world to ourselves.

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The first point is made quickly and evidently at the end of the movie. Order Plavix online cheap, For most of the film you feel that you've been watching a fabrication of a group of creatively crude and sarcastic minds. If you showed the movie to many Americans, generic Plavix, South Carolina SC S.C. , they might enjoy it as a fun memento to a past that never was - a tribute to the Great Confederacy. In fact, buy Plavix pills, Comprare Plavix sconto, at points it is hard not to think that the movie is going too far with it's game and that the filmmaker's agenda is actually opposite of that advertised. However, acquistare a buon mercato Plavix, Mississippi MS Miss. , at the end, you're quickly sobered by how many of the facts presented in the movie were true - and you realize that much of the content was indeed fabricated by creatively crude minds who have never had a chance to share it, For Plavix online. Køb billige Plavix, While men like Lincoln are recalled in the film as "forgotten leaders, all but erased from history, pharmacie Plavix bon marché, För Plavix online, " other icons of the modern C.S.A. are hearlded as heros yet were real men who are today the ones unknown in modern American history, order Plavix online cheap. It is a striking juxtoposition that should make Zinn proud, order Plavix overnight delivery. Comprare Plavix, The second effect of the film only really came to me after I left the theater. As Jeremy and I were talking on 16th Street, Ohio OH , Acheter en ligne Plavix, I was very sensitive to the color the poor on the street. As I walked home there were two homeless sleeping in storefront doorways and I knew they were black, Michigan MI Mich. . Order Plavix online cheap, I looked in the bars I passed in the gentrified Mission and everyone was white. North Dakota ND , As I walked down an empty alley I realized how quickly persistent media messages might comfort me in thinking that attitudes and reason portrayed in the film were valid - I was listening to people blatenly deny civil rights to groups of people (of women, and people of every color) and rationalize it, billige Plavix Apotheke, Buy Plavix online cheap, but I wasn't being shown the suffering of those people. Most importantly, I was so lulled into feeling pleasantly uncomfortable with fabricated divisions of race in class on the screen, that when I saw them moments later in real life, I was immediately convicted of how congruous that world was to the one I had just scorned.

It's audience responses like this that make for good film. Go see this film if you can. It won't be the best film you see this year, but it will be good for you.

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  1. 007 says:

    Hey, two posts in two days! Maybe this will be a daily? I like reading your blog. I can even understand this one better since it is not so hi-tech. I will see the movie at some point, but tonight we have to pull for the Blue Devils. Go Duke!!

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