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So I had entirely no intention of blogging about the absurd event on campus today Buy Plavix no prescription, , but after getting tagged into the corporate photostream I felt inclined to make mention. (Thanks to June and Warren for propogating the myth.) I was entriely amazed at how quickly so many people posted so many pictures so fast. Almost 400 hundred pictures were posted and tagged to flickr in the hour after the occassion, Virginia VA Va. , and at least as many have been posted since. Colorado CO Colo. , Forget about the government ruining your privacy - we're doing it to ourselves. Immediately after the event I though about how though security was tight and the auditorium was well cloaked, visuals and details on the otherwise private event were about as public as once can find - the most popular flickr tag for the day is even ytomcruise thanks to the saturation of the site's users on hand, farmacia Plavix baratos. Pictures that you might be hard pressed to catch at a regular press event, such as close up of Katie's ring or a hollywood kiss are easy pickings amidst a sea of trigger-happy well-connected cameraphone owners, buy Plavix no prescription.

All that said, Plavix online, it seems ironic that the same photo that captures me at the event also documents a conversation that Mike and Naveen started by questioning the effectiveness of photos to prove one's attendance to some momentous ocassion or amidst fame. At first it seems a digital photo really means very little in this day and age where bytes are easily modified to suit personal pleasure and there's no original celluloid to help tie the owner to the print. Naveen suggested that perhaps video was the answer to that age-old authenticity; however, New Hampshire NH N.H. , a community documenting relationships of this visual data appears to do more than any one photographer could to prove his association to his location or subject (in this case, Order Plavix online cheap, Tom). In fact, it is not even important that the photographer actually took the photograph, order Plavix without prescription, but that someone took a photograph of the subject, Köpa Plavix online, a picture was taken of the person wishing to be associated with the subject, and that those two pictures are related together in time and location in a meaningful and credible way. Buy Plavix no prescription, In this case, I had rather not cared to be linked to today's event in the short time I was there, but any photo of Tom on stage plus a candid and tagged photo of me is enough to have me incriminated in the court of unproductiveness for the morning. Also, billige Plavix apotek, pictures like this one don't help. Köpa billiga Plavix, Tom Cruise came to campus as a part of our Influentials speaker series, though while I'm sure many people have had their lives deeply affected by Mr. Cruise, comprar Plavix de descuento, the other Toms who have visited have left more lasting impressions. Um Plavix online, However, irony rears its head again this evening to suggest that while Yahoos are looking to Hollywood for influence, our ever proximate neighbors continue to be influenced by us, acquistare online Plavix. With Google Finance in place, it is hard to take the mutterances of "It's not a Pohr-tal!" seriously anymore, buy Plavix no prescription. Regardless, Buy cheap Plavix, once launches, the transition will be final. Done, buy Plavix, and done. Order Plavix online, With every new "don't leave our domain" product Google launches into the marketplace, the community, understandably, Rabatt kaufen Plavix, responds with less and less enthusiasm. California CA Calif. , I have to think it was like this for Yahoo. Buy Plavix no prescription, in the early days as well. The directory blew their minds. Finance was really really cool, buy Plavix overnight delivery. Mail allowed some people to use a completely new service that was previously inacessible to them. Order Plavix c.o.d., Groups got everyone asking "Do you Yahoo?" Yahoo. Pets were kinda fun, buy Plavix no prescription. Auctions were, hmm, pharmacy Plavix, done already. Buy Plavix cod, Bookmarks were... wait, is that still a property, price of Plavix. Likewise, West Virginia WV W.Va. , every new feature Google introduces further dilutes their identity to the rest of the Internet. Buy Plavix no prescription, In the beginning, everything they touched was gold because of the strong reputation built on their search services and it was novel to see their strengths applied to new problems like email and printed materials. Many at Yahoo. were pressed to imitate and incorpate their innovations, buy Plavix cheap, or at least felt guilty for the appearance of imitating, Plavix without prescription, but in the process a lot of sleepy people woke up and a lot of talented people got the opportunity to do something new. Stepping back, the unfinished portait suggests that all along they are really imitating us, cheap Plavix tablets. Certainly, Billiga Plavix apotek, some of the details in their execution are cooler, but at some point users will stop asking "what has Google done today?" and "hey why doesn't this Google thing do what the other portals do?" (In which case Microsoft will respond, "Look over here, acheter Plavix. Where do you want to go today?") In the end, North Carolina NC N.C. , the flattery turns cyclic. Since we've already identified ourselves with users (for better or for worse) as "the site that does everything," we can collect cool points for integrating the good ideas and making the most interesting stuff really clever. And for that, it is good to know that in lesser known parts of the blogosphere, not every part of the company is drooling at Hollywood.

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  1. 007 says:

    Hey it may take you quite a while to post, but when you do, you really put a lot of thought into it. I understand that you feel you really should be working rather than spending time with the celeb. Maybe more of us should get into the entertainment industry, because manufacturing jobs are quickly becoming scarce in the US. Think of all those auto workers!! It is a different world today. Thanks for the pics.

  2. 007 says:

    I like that oragne shirt. It kinda makes you look like a Tennesee fan though. Got one of those in red?

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