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i realized over the past week how many of the answers I'm looking for come from search Buy generic Toprol XL, results on other folks' (or organizations') blogs. the most significant of the discoveries this weekend were details on the DRM changes in iTunes 4.5, Washington WA Wash. . Discount Toprol XL, i suppose some of the "news" on the subject popped up first on popular sites like or slashdot. however, Toprol XL en ligne afin, Toprol XL no prescription, a site named codepoetry had some of the most insightful thoughts. true, cheap Toprol XL no prescription, Buy Toprol XL, i suppose it is aimed at being a public technology forum, but really it seem like one dude's thoughts on technology (especially mac technology) logged for the public to see..., ordering Toprol XL no rx. not much unlike dive into mark and jeremy's blog, buy generic Toprol XL. Arizona AZ Ariz. , sooooooo..... i figured that i spend quite a lot of time collecting information, Toprol XL online cheap, Buy cheap Toprol XL online, reseaching topics, and making little technology discoveries that i don't really journal or publish anywhere except my head or confidential work documents, buy Toprol XL online, Ordering Toprol XL online, and maybe i should help contribute to this information commue that has given so generously to me. as a first step i thought i'd clear up some of the huge confusion about the changes to iTunes DRM in version 4.5 based on some of my own findings, kjøpe billig Toprol XL. Buy Toprol XL online legally, before i start, i think i want to preface this by saying that the fact that iTunes even changed its DRM after it had been "cracked publically" is extremely facinating to me as what Apple is trying to accomplish in this is almost identical to what [products i'm exteremely familiar with at work] are trying to do as well, Oklahoma OK Okla. . Buy generic Toprol XL, they are trying to give users all the tools to use a particular service or product (protected music, IM, etc.) yet the are trying to prevent the users from doing that with any other tool except their own. Billiga Toprol XL apotek, so i'm curious... how far did Apple go, osta alennus Toprol XL. Virginia VA Va. , did they fix loopholes to an otherwise protected system. (doubtful) did they just obscure the process further to make current public code unusable, cheap Toprol XL pills. if in, in theory, i had public source like that of playfair how hard would it be to make it work again, buy generic Toprol XL. För Toprol XL online, well, in reality, purchase Toprol XL online, Wisconsin WI Wis. , i do have a couple copies of playfair code... i don't mind admitting that, cheap Toprol XL. Acheter Toprol XL bon marché, and after just a couple minutes of tinkering, it was clear that there is a lot of worry and hype over the changes made to iTunes 4.5 as they concern the usability of decoded files and the existing decryption code, South Carolina SC S.C. . Hawaii HI , first off, once a file is decoded, Florida FL Fla. , Order Toprol XL overnight delivery, iTunes really can't distinguish it from any other AAC file. Buy generic Toprol XL, (i suppose it is entirely possible that the original file could have some sort of iTunes Music Store watermark... but if so they aren't discriminating on any such critera at the moment.) thus, Toprol XL sale, Comprar Toprol XL, iTunes 4.5 does NOT prevent you from playing decoded M4P files.

second, as long as playfair still has access to a pre-iTunes-4.5 key, playfair doesn't have any problem decoding a file encoded with that key. thus, there is no anti-playfair software installed with iTunes 4.5 (at least on the mac) that keeps playfair from working as it did before. as for my setup, i have a powerbook running iTunes 4.5 and iPod running iPod v. 2.1 software (not the latest update), buy generic Toprol XL.

though i haven't gotten around to going any further than this w/ testing, based on other's speculations i think the problems folks are having with 4.5 are as follows:

1) iTunes moves the location of the fairplay keys on the Windows systems and iPods (and possibly the macs, though playfair never looks for keys on the local mac system) thus obscuring key location from publically available versions of playfair software.

2) iTunes 4.5 introduces a new fairplay key system that requires changes to the decryption algorithm currently used in playfair. so, if you have registered a computer with a key from iTunes 4.5, or, purchased music with an account generated post-4.5 you need to know the new algorithm to use the new key. this could be a simple change like the process like the trival MD5 transformation change they used to obscure the old DAAP authentication. Buy generic Toprol XL, or it could be something more elaborate an expensive to reverse engineer.

this is all just speculation, but i figure folks aren't complaining for no reason. i need to figure out a bit more about keys and where they are located before i keep experimenting and screw something up. :)

in the end, my guess is that Apple just made some minor changes to the whole process to frustrate anyone who was innocently benefiting from publically available source. going forward they'll depend on the DMCA to keep code revisions from being posted, not worry about hackers who revise code on their own time, and continue making minor changes as necessary to frustrate users of widely distributed solutions.

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