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The blog has been long overdue for a visual refresh for a lot of reasons - not the least of which, everything from screen resolutions to web standards has come a long way since 2003. Back then I’d barely done anything in the way of an original web page since the new millennium. I’m still no CSS ninja but I thought it’s worth noting some decisions I made in laying out new HTML from scratch.
  • Goodbye XHTML. Somewhere along the way I passively picked up the useless habit of trying to close all my tags. I blame subliminal brainwashing from an SGML talk I attended at a government web conference in DC back in 1995. I have this post to thank (along with a few webdev blogs I can't find right now) for freeing me from all this XML-mishmash nonsense. And, of course, we now have <!DOCTYPE html>.
  • reset-fonts-grids The last time a made a major change to my blog I think I tried to ignore as much of the new wizbang CSS and PHP madness that I could and still hack the default Wordpress template at the time, Kubrick. Coincidently, this was just a few weeks before the release of YUI. It would be almost 3 years before some rockstar Brickhouse colleagues would proselytize me on the benefits of a good CSS framework. Ever since, I’ve stuck to the YUI reset-font-grids for most projects. With the hipstometer going through the roof for new and minimal CSS templates I took another look at the options this morning but I eventually settled on the latest iteration of YUI CSS and threw in base styles (headers, lists, etc.) for extra milage. Twitter's Bootstrap is great, but it is already overused in every hackathon of Fall 2011 and is too heavily branded for use in this context. CSS Base was just the right amount of sugar. Unfortunately, reset-fonts-grids is no longer prebuilt as a YUI module but you can easily nab the generated combo URL here with or without base.
  • UTF-8 ❤ Living in France for two years has taught me almost as much about the importance of option-key equivalents as the pronunciation of proper nasals. So like all the high schoolers in Twitterverse with sic emjoi keyboards I ♡ ✍ 😹 in my 覺. Unfortunately, we still need a well-formed meta tag in the header to get UTF-8 rendering right.
Stylistically, I'm starting off simple. Black, white, and a splash of color – probably more inspired by Paris itself than the aftershocks of european modernism. A bit more character should work its way in over time.

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