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Wednesday, May 2nd, 2007

John Mark posts about a special music performance Order Toprol XL no prescription, that is so far apart from most youths' cultural context that they treat it as You Tube satire.

I grew up watching performances like this every Sunday morning and evening of my childhood, Montana MT Mont. . Order Toprol XL pills, Now, it takes a good dose of reality and visions of Wal*Mart to believe that such inspirational sermons-in-a-song still get rehearsed (including hand motions for dramatic effect!) and performed, Toprol XL online kaufen. Ostaa halvalla Toprol XL. Utah UT . Om Toprol XL online. φτηνές φαρμακείο Toprol XL. Toprol XL prescription. Nevada NV Nev. . South Carolina SC S.C. . Billig Toprol XL apotek. Billig kaufen Toprol XL. Ordering Toprol XL without prescription. Order Toprol XL online without prescription. Toprol XL discount. αγοράσετε Toprol XL. For Toprol XL online. αγοράσετε Toprol XL έκπτωση. Louisiana LA . Indiana IN Ind. . Toprol XL for sale. Billige Toprol XL Apotheke. Um Toprol XL online. Acheter Toprol XL bon marché. Buy Toprol XL cod. Buy Toprol XL. Acheter Toprol XL discount. Købe Toprol XL online. Acheter Toprol XL. Purchase Toprol XL.

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Thursday, June 8th, 2006

Postings here have been scarce the past few weeks as I've been focusing on an experiment my cell group engaged in over our recent time apart entitled 2weeks Buy Plavix cod, . Our goal was to listen intently to the voice of God in a regular and distributed communal fashion. That is, we strove to focus our times of prayer for this committment to the times of noon or 8pm each day, and were conscious of each others' times in that space of listening. Some folks chose to blog about their experiences. It was a cool way to keep in touch with each other and dialog about what we were hearing even though we didn't see each other regularly during that time. Though the writings are mostly personal to the group, they are not privately so. If you care to observe, you can visit the temporary site. Acheter Plavix bon marché. Online Plavix. New Hampshire NH N.H. . Price of Plavix. Nebraska NE Nebr. . Cheapest Plavix prices. Jotta Plavix verkossa. Plavix prices. Kjøpe Plavix online. Acheter en ligne Plavix. Billig kaufen Plavix. Order Plavix c.o.d.. αγοράσετε Plavix. Wyoming WY Wyo. . Cheap Plavix online without prescription. Ordering Plavix no rx. αγοράζουν φτηνά Plavix. Plavix no prescription. Delaware DE Del. . Utah UT . Ordering Plavix online without prescription. South Carolina SC S.C. . φτηνές φαρμακείο Plavix. Alabama AL Ala. . Virginia VA Va. . North Dakota ND . Purchase Plavix. Idaho ID . Comprare Plavix. Order Plavix overnight delivery.

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Monday, May 22nd, 2006

Buy Plavix, My little brother posted some good links as to furthering the conversation on the Emergent Church. If you're following this and haven't read his response, you should, Minnesota MN Minn. . One of the links was so good, Plavix ordine on-line, however, that I have to repeat it here. This made me laugh at myself, αγοράζουν online Plavix, which is always healthy:

Reading through this, Where to buy cheap Plavix, I was quickly reminded of a post by someone considering himself as post-emergent that I had read earlier, but didn't yet have the context or background to consider. I thought that this writer (Andre) might agree with the images in the post, ordering Plavix online without prescription, and for the same reason I laugh at the embarrassment of realizing I fit the stereotype so perfectly, φτηνές φαρμακείο Plavix, I realize Andre may find himself excluded from or not well-represented in the emergent dialog. It reminds me that we are all too quick to put labels on ideas and culture so that ultimately we can meet the subconscious desire we all have to belong to something, no matter how small, buy Plavix. Luckily for us, with the shift from absolutism to relativism, online Plavix, there comes the specific shift from categorization to tagging, Rhode Island RI R.I. , and we can represent ourselves by multiple descriptors that we best see fit, yet still see strong relations between ourselves through common, shared identifiers such as "globally-aware" and "community-philic"

Ultimately, Georgia GA Ga. , Ben and Andre's remarks remind that what I'm not searching for is another formula by which to prescribe my life, Order Plavix from canada, nor a group to give validity to my actions or thoughts. Another club or clique won't solve the problem; what I'm seeking is an environment where my own unique thought and conclusions can be drawn out, yet the hope is that though that setting may first exist simply through people bound by a common Love, Plavix en ligne afin, the result will be a community where the most powerful, Ordering Plavix online cheap, truest, and most refined of the passions are central bonds shared between the members. With that, buy Plavix, I realize that, Washington WA Wash. , according to Carson's definitions, I am more innately modern than post-modern. I love my absolutes as surely as I cling to the passing designs of Eames and Nelson, Oklahoma OK Okla. , thus there by some I would clearly not survive among the emergent faithful. Buy Plavix, Still, I have had more than a healthy share of relativism as of late and it has helped me to see the mystic and organic between the things that are sure. Order Plavix online without prescription, The cultural impacts of this age certainly weigh their influences, but moreover it has reminded me of a deeper nature that when I look outside myself I'm actually more likely to distrust certainty than to embrace it. This duality of absolutism and relativism is something lives within each of us, ordering Plavix no prescription, but it is a role of culture and our surroundings (including people) to decide which aspect is more pronounced and for me it has traditionally been more the former. Buy generic Plavix, So as I am heading into my changing world - where democracies become communities, physical boundaries become opportunities, statements of faith become WikiWords, where to buy Plavix, categories become tag clouds, Kentucky KY Ky. , and computer scientists become social scientists - I hope that the result is that I become more balanced, though not in a boring grey sort of way, but perhaps in more of a Pollock sort of manner, Texas TX Tex. . At the very least, Osta Plavix online, the goal is to be more relevant to the world around me. Ben asked in his post whether the monastic or intentional community I was referring to is indeed the Church, or more specifically, my existing church, buy Plavix. I think that is ideal, particularly in the sense that church is part of the Church which is the body of Christ and it is single in body and purpose throughout the world, lowest price Plavix. But extending the analogy of 1 Corinthians 12, Vermont VT Vt. , the body is made up of parts, which are in turn made up of functional groups of molecules. While some actions of those groups are directed or corrected centrally, billig kaufen Plavix, there are many actions those groups carry out independently because cellular and chemical intelligence is represented throughout the system. Om Plavix online, The same is true of a corporate body, as I've experienced over the past some years, and very little gets done if you wait for central approval for your actions, buy Plavix online without prescription. Buy Plavix, Often, decisions in a company evolve (for better or for worse) from the momentum of compelling action or thought within the corporate organism. So it can be with the churches of today. Købe Plavix, I would not suggest that we divorce ourselves from these structures of support in search of deeper truth or community, but rather accelerate such searches by conversing and communing in smaller groups - perhaps in the way it was always meant to be done. The roles of the incorporated churches may change as a result, Illinois IL Ill. , but I'm not ready myself to identify how at this point. Plavix online stores, However, when it does happen I think we'll realize that the Church perhaps didn't need to do so much emerging the discussion suggests (at least on a global scale). It seems more a challenge of changing the perceptions, habits, and mentality of much of Western culture more than changing the hearts and memberships of the Christ-following.

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Tuesday, May 16th, 2006

Order cheap Plavix online, Tonight I'm attempting to explain how several recent experiences have converged around a few central connected themes now occupying most of my thought. The glory of weblogs is that I can write it once and save myself the mental turmoil of trying get it correct verbally fifty times.

The recent process began on May 4 in watching Philip Gröning's Into Great Silence. Alabama AL Ala. , I was drawn to this movie in an attempt to relate more deeply to a friend's recent dream containing a vision of monastic journey to which he recognizes he is being called. Philip's film attempts to create a cinematic experience which draws the viewer into the Grande Chartreuse, shaping three hours of their lives to that of this order of Chartreusian monks in the French Alps. For the most part, it was successful - I came out of the movie with a greater understanding and respect of the life rhythms and passions of these men, without really being told the details or documented facts of their practice, order cheap Plavix online. I also left with, cheap Plavix online legally, as expected, a welcome and immediate peace about me, Plavix farmacia a buon mercato, and a decent amount of evening energy given the length, silence, and repition of the film. And that was it, order Plavix cod.

The following night, a group of friends had committed to going to Taizé worship at the Mercy Center with Derek and Julia, Florida FL Fla. , something many of us had wanted to do for a while. Immediately, things began to change. Order cheap Plavix online, As soon as I entered the sanctuary and took my place, a complete patience overtook me. I thought of the monks in the film and how they had dedicated their complete purpose to the worship and pursuit of Christ in a radically uncompromising way, District of Columbia DC D.C. . Though not directly, the words of the eldest monk paced through my head reminding me the raw truth that I was made for worshipping God, Billig Plavix apotek, and nothing else. The rhythms and silence of the room began to fall in step with those of the monastary and I realized that my body had been longing for hours what it had seen the day before. I fell into prayer, recitation, cheap generic Plavix, and silence with hundreds of people I didn't know but loved, and for one of the few times in my life I didn't care how long the worship would last.

What has followed might be explained best as a simple listening to of noises that have been surrounding me for nearly exactly the last year, order cheap Plavix online. Jotta Plavix verkossa, Unwittingly I started piecing together and devouring musings ranging from the definition of faith truths and authority, to the value of intentional community and its vows. The weaving of threads between these themes starts with an understanding of the emergent church movement and its imact and embrace of community.

For me this concept is most easily conceptualized from its origins to its purpose by comparing it to Web 2.0, buy Plavix without prescription, and related positive trends in globalization. The church, Ordering Plavix without prescription, during most of my lifetime and those of anyone I've ever met, has been dominated by congregations seeking a palatable or sufficient interpretation of spiritual truth, subscribing to that with minor though often "understandably naive" doubts, and perhaps convincing others to do the same to the end of knowing Christ and his will for their life, acheter Plavix discount. Order cheap Plavix online, The emergent church attempts to give name to the evolving rabble of Christians who, being faced daily with knowledge of new injustices, incongrencies, beauties and needs, look at the faith they have grown up with (or around or against) and find it insufficent to cope with the challenges they are now burdened. It recognizes that the modern church (though its manifestation as a relative handful of subtly different organized denominations) represents a collage of many imperfect and incomplete understandings of God, and while many might not be any less correct that what might be attained before the rapture, Kopen goedkope Plavix, they aren't any worse that what might be the products of new and collaborative discourse on theology, ministry, worship, service, comprar en línea Plavix, and biblical life in general amongst both intentional and global communities - much in the same way that Wikipedia does not stray much farther from the truth than Encyclopedia Brintannica. What is required is a constructive question of the traditional authority, παραγγείλετε online Plavix, earnest and prayerful passion for the truth, and in the recent words of Tom Wright an "intellectual humility" that admits "I know I've got one third of it wrong, but I don't know which third it is." The emergent church believes that through communities of believers we come to a more complete understanding of Christ and what his death and resurrection means for us, that we have the facilities to do this on a global scale, New York NY N.Y. , and that the impact of this collective creative church in action may very well be a healing of the world that brings about the "kingdom of God on earth as it is in heaven" that most of us pray for every Sunday.

So aside from the specific label, Osta alennus Plavix, the "emergent church" isn't anything new to anyone who has been reading the papers, listening to public radio, or perhaps watching Oprah. What is especially interesting to me however, köpa rabatterade Plavix, is how this connects to monastic lifestyles - like those I've experienced in the past week and those that friends have committed to in a modern urban interpretation.

The monastic life, in its simpliest and most traditional interpretation, is that characterized by a community committed to a common set of religious vows often living in a common or collective space, order cheap Plavix online. We typically think of celibate and solitary individuals in a remote castle of some sort. Plavix without a prescription, The Chartreuse monks live a life even more austere than most, taking a vow of nearly lifelong silence and rigid ritual. Today their practices seem hardly relevant to those outside themselves, but those orders were established hundreds of years ago during the Dark Ages for very deliberate and successful goals of preserving the holy word and propogating it according to the Great Commission, Plavix no prescription. Today we might imagine a different sort of principles by which we form a monastic community. Order cheap Plavix online, They may be vows of service, prayer, or other ritual but we choose them based on a goals we want to accomplish for both one's life as a seeker of truth and a servant to a dying earth. In the urban jungle, Montana MT Mont. , this might mean living in the same 5 block square or even a set of connected houses. The commitments are those that bring the committed to greater communion with Christ, leverage the dynamics of community to reveal to one another deeper truth about Christ, and enable them to better serve the community in which they live, ordering Plavix online legally. In the sprit of the emergent chruch, it creates an environment where the truth is discovered and discussed, Ordering Plavix pills, not preached (or at the least, not only so), and a community that is empowered to serve in a way more impacting than the sum of its parts. As this cohort (to use a deliberate label) connects with the larger global community, buy Plavix without prescription, the vision of the Church 2.0 becomes realized.

The monastic life is most likely not intended for everyone, order cheap Plavix online. Certainly one can live life apart from such deliberate commitment with others and still carry out a radical faith that has worldwide impact. Cheapest Plavix prices, I doubt anyone would disagree that Paul lived such a life. But, there is a more general concept - intentional community - which is crucial for anyone in the pursuit of a life with understanding, beauty, order Plavix, and truth. The simple point is that our lives are defined heavily by those from whom we receive widsom and affirmation, Comprar Plavix baratos, and we must form our closest relationships with those holding the same values and assumptions nagging at our hearts. Mark explains this well in answering the first of three questions Order cheap Plavix online, about his ministry - while we certainly are blessed from interacting with and befriending all types of people, our capacity to form deep relationships (and regular rhythms) with others is limited and one should be cautious not to compromise such opportunity with breadth or carelessness. Through these deliberate relationships we join one another in search of the deepest truths and to the greatest ends - as was with the Trandentalists, the Abolishonists, or the creators of Narnia and Middle Earth, buy Plavix online legally. The core Mozilla community is an excellent such modern day example, and as the chruch of today we should seek such communities so as to accomplish the work set out for us by the truth of the resurrection. Cheap Plavix, So I've made an attempt to both make personal sense of recent influences, and relate them together coherently, and looking back over my words, I feel that I might barely have succeeded, order Plavix no rx. But more important that bringing these thoughts under a single umbrella of thinking is how they relate to my present situation. In explaining that I realize that the process began much earlier than the start of the month, order cheap Plavix online.

Without going into much detail, I must stop short and simply say that the larger process started when I moved to the Mission over a year ago with the specific goal of setting roots in San Francisco. I had no idea at the time why (other than circumstance) I settled on a specific area, but it is clear now that this neighborhood is my community and, with each passing day, my ministry. This new outlook and response also extends beyond my recent surroundings to the global and Internet community, and manifests itself, yes through this blog but also, through powerful ideas like Standpoint and Kiva. The learning is just beginning, but the connections are forming quickly. For many of you this may be recycled air, but this is what the world around me sounds like now that I am able to listen. Let the dialog begin.

Jesus, with Thy Church abide,
Be her Savior, Lord, and Guide,
While on earth her faith is tried:
We beseech Thee, hear us.

Keep her life and doctrine pure,
Help her, patient, to endure,
Trusting in Thy promise sure:
We beseech Thee, hear us.

May she guide the poor and blind,
Seek the lost until she find,
And the broken hearted bind:
We beseech Thee, hear us.

(Thomas Pollock, 1871).

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Wednesday, March 19th, 2003

Cheap Toprol XL no prescription, today i was having a conversation with a friend on the war, the politics of war, the implications, and etcetera etcetera. Cheap Toprol XL overnight delivery, it was actually pretty cool because it was the first of such in a while with someone who didn't actually have her mind made up, thought exactly as i did, Delaware DE Del. , Buy Toprol XL no rx, or exclusively regurgitated political or media rhetoric. what resulted was some decent dialog on the subject, osta alennus Toprol XL. Toprol XL farmacia a buon mercato, one of the topics that came up was the viewpoints of some Iraq students that my friend tutors. just to clarify, Toprol XL en ligne afin, Buy cheap Toprol XL, these kids aren't Muslims, they are Assyrians and thus a part of the persecuted groups under the Baath regieme, comprare Toprol XL, Billige Toprol XL Apotheke, but they still have varied opinons on the war. some of them are in support of the war - (assumedly) to the extent that they would endure war even if they were at home (their families are there now) for the removal of Saddam from power, cheap Toprol XL no prescription. others, Georgia GA Ga. , Generic Toprol XL, particularly those who experienced Baghdad during the Gulf war, oppose the war not wishing such terror on anyone, cheap Toprol XL. αγοράσετε Toprol XL έκπτωση, the thought was posed that perhaps those (iraqi students) in support of the war would have different opinions if they were actually at home, presently, Alaska AK . New Jersey NJ N.J. , that is, that the courage to endure war for the sake of a greater good comes less easily when the threat of harm (mental or physical) becomes personal and real, acheter Toprol XL. Ordering Toprol XL no rx, this i don't deny but i immediately thought of the dichotomy of the Scottish people during the occupation of the British in the 1200s. Cheap Toprol XL no prescription, (ie, Braveheart) you have folks who are wiling to fight for their freedom - to die for it even, and you have those who would rather endure British rule in hopes of compromising for a more promosing fate than death. both groups desire freedom from tyranny, Køb billige Toprol XL, Order Toprol XL, but what is the difference. fear, cheap Toprol XL online cheap. Buy Toprol XL cod, more and more throughout life i realize how all things i do against others - all my sin - is borne by fear. why lie, goedkope Toprol XL apotheek. you fear the truth, cheap Toprol XL no prescription. Halvalla Toprol XL apteekki, why envy or steal. you fear that fortune that has blessed someone else will not come to you, Wyoming WY Wyo. . Cheap Toprol XL, why kill. you fear the harm (however remote) someone else might cause you, Toprol XL online stores. Cheap Toprol XL no prescription, (the exceptions being actions out of hatred or insanity - right now i can't think of how fear is related to genuine hatred.)

well, later this evening i was reading Psalm 37 and it brought things home for me:

Do not fret because of evil men or be envious of those who do wrong;for like the grass they will soon wither, like green plants they will soon die away. Toprol XL discount, Trust in the LORD and do good; dwell in the land and enjoy safe pasture.
Delight yourself in the LORD and he will give you the desires of your heart.

while worrying about possible misplaced fears of the Iraqi students, Michigan MI Mich. , Indiana IN Ind. , i neglected my own fears and the fears of the nation - fear of "evil men" like Saddam and Osama. if i endorse action on the basis of fear, order Toprol XL pills, then I have failed to seek God's heart in this matter. this does not mean i know exactly where I stand on the war now - certainly this war is driven, both by those opposed and against, by many different personal and political agendas. it is too large of a world enterprise at this stage for it to be otherwise, cheap Toprol XL no prescription. but for each of us should evaluate our own motives to see what drives them. what fears are behind them. and what decisions would we make with hearts convicted by God and not bound by our fears. what action would we take. what prayers would we pray. these are the things i'm thinking about now.

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