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Wednesday, March 19th, 2003

Cheap Toprol XL no prescription, today i was having a conversation with a friend on the war, the politics of war, the implications, and etcetera etcetera. Cheap Toprol XL overnight delivery, it was actually pretty cool because it was the first of such in a while with someone who didn't actually have her mind made up, thought exactly as i did, Delaware DE Del. , Buy Toprol XL no rx, or exclusively regurgitated political or media rhetoric. what resulted was some decent dialog on the subject, osta alennus Toprol XL. Toprol XL farmacia a buon mercato, one of the topics that came up was the viewpoints of some Iraq students that my friend tutors. just to clarify, Toprol XL en ligne afin, Buy cheap Toprol XL, these kids aren't Muslims, they are Assyrians and thus a part of the persecuted groups under the Baath regieme, comprare Toprol XL, Billige Toprol XL Apotheke, but they still have varied opinons on the war. some of them are in support of the war - (assumedly) to the extent that they would endure war even if they were at home (their families are there now) for the removal of Saddam from power, cheap Toprol XL no prescription. others, Georgia GA Ga. , Generic Toprol XL, particularly those who experienced Baghdad during the Gulf war, oppose the war not wishing such terror on anyone, cheap Toprol XL. αγοράσετε Toprol XL έκπτωση, the thought was posed that perhaps those (iraqi students) in support of the war would have different opinions if they were actually at home, presently, Alaska AK . New Jersey NJ N.J. , that is, that the courage to endure war for the sake of a greater good comes less easily when the threat of harm (mental or physical) becomes personal and real, acheter Toprol XL. Ordering Toprol XL no rx, this i don't deny but i immediately thought of the dichotomy of the Scottish people during the occupation of the British in the 1200s. Cheap Toprol XL no prescription, (ie, Braveheart) you have folks who are wiling to fight for their freedom - to die for it even, and you have those who would rather endure British rule in hopes of compromising for a more promosing fate than death. both groups desire freedom from tyranny, Køb billige Toprol XL, Order Toprol XL, but what is the difference. fear, cheap Toprol XL online cheap. Buy Toprol XL cod, more and more throughout life i realize how all things i do against others - all my sin - is borne by fear. why lie, goedkope Toprol XL apotheek. you fear the truth, cheap Toprol XL no prescription. Halvalla Toprol XL apteekki, why envy or steal. you fear that fortune that has blessed someone else will not come to you, Wyoming WY Wyo. . Cheap Toprol XL, why kill. you fear the harm (however remote) someone else might cause you, Toprol XL online stores. Cheap Toprol XL no prescription, (the exceptions being actions out of hatred or insanity - right now i can't think of how fear is related to genuine hatred.)

well, later this evening i was reading Psalm 37 and it brought things home for me:

Do not fret because of evil men or be envious of those who do wrong;for like the grass they will soon wither, like green plants they will soon die away. Toprol XL discount, Trust in the LORD and do good; dwell in the land and enjoy safe pasture.
Delight yourself in the LORD and he will give you the desires of your heart.

while worrying about possible misplaced fears of the Iraqi students, Michigan MI Mich. , Indiana IN Ind. , i neglected my own fears and the fears of the nation - fear of "evil men" like Saddam and Osama. if i endorse action on the basis of fear, order Toprol XL pills, then I have failed to seek God's heart in this matter. this does not mean i know exactly where I stand on the war now - certainly this war is driven, both by those opposed and against, by many different personal and political agendas. it is too large of a world enterprise at this stage for it to be otherwise, cheap Toprol XL no prescription. but for each of us should evaluate our own motives to see what drives them. what fears are behind them. and what decisions would we make with hearts convicted by God and not bound by our fears. what action would we take. what prayers would we pray. these are the things i'm thinking about now.

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Tuesday, March 18th, 2003

the us army is distributing leaflets Ordering Toprol XL no prescription, to iraqi forces encouraging them to surrender. i think that's pretty cool, Massachusetts MA Mass. . Toprol XL pedido en línea, some are so visually blunt, however, generic Toprol XL, Indiana IN Ind. , it is almost funny. iraqi people = good, kopen goedkope Toprol XL. Toprol XL online kaufen, missile systems = bad. New Mexico NM N.Mex. . Louisiana LA . Discount Toprol XL. Buy Toprol XL online. South Dakota SD . Billig Toprol XL apotek. Ostaa halvalla Toprol XL. Maine ME Me. . Acheter Toprol XL bon marché. Cheap Toprol XL tablets. Ordering Toprol XL online. Pennsylvania PA Penn. . Toprol XL without prescription. Kjøpe billig Toprol XL. Farmacia Toprol XL baratos. Georgia GA Ga. . Buy Toprol XL online without prescription. Kjøp Discount Toprol XL. For Toprol XL online. Order Toprol XL online. Alabama AL Ala. . Jotta Toprol XL verkossa. αγοράσετε Toprol XL. Toprol XL no prescription.

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Tuesday, March 18th, 2003

Toprol XL sale, so i was thinking about the coming war on the way home from work today, and about some of the things my mom said about being cautious about suspicious activity up in the city. (by suspicious activity, buy Toprol XL, Acheter en ligne Toprol XL, she means that of would-be terrorists.) my thoughts turned to an article I read about anti-war protesters mobilizing demonstrations nationwide as the nation prepares for military action in Iraq.

what i realized is that i'm actually more afraid of the anti-war protesters than i am of our position on Iraq or the threat of terrorism, Toprol XL kopen. Om Toprol XL online, with folks blocking traffic on market street in body bags and others breaking up British trading floors with protests ending in brawls, the more immediate threat to someone here at home in America is the division among ourselves, billige Toprol XL apotek. Cheap Toprol XL pills, even if you are against war in Iraq, how do you react to a town of lockjaw traffic and blood-stained bodies lying around in the streets, Missouri MO Mo. . the whole confusion of the environment seems unecessarily perfect cover for anyone who would want to do anything really destructive, and it distracts police and other folks whose job it is to protect us as the nation becomes more vulnerable, Toprol XL sale. Price of Toprol XL, there has to be a more effective way to have one's voice heard.... doesn't there, Wisconsin WI Wis. . West Virginia WV W.Va. , now, this isn't to say that I am more concerned about the safety of my life versus that of family on the outskirts of Baghdad, Oregon OR Ore. . Toprol XL prescription, certainly, those people are in tremendous fear of weapons that might fall from the sky at any moment, buy Toprol XL online. Toprol XL sale, comparitively, the risk to my life is effectively zero if you exclude the daily commute down 101. Texas TX Tex. , the point is, these reactionary and agressive demonstrations put people at home at unecessary risk, Um Toprol XL online, Maryland MD Md. , create issues and stress for people with more productive solutions to problems, all the while achieving practically zero progress toward preventing the government from changing its resolve to go to war, where to buy Toprol XL. Cheap Toprol XL online, the thing that irks me the most about the protests that are being organized, however, Toprol XL online cheap, Buy Toprol XL no rx, is the fact that goal of some demonstrations will be to block and deter military bases here in the US. wow, lowest price Toprol XL. Ordering Toprol XL without prescription, imagine being a GI and looking over the fence and seeing a bunch of folks with oil-stained flags telling you that what you are giving your life for is wrong. in a time when our military personnel are working hard to do their job to remove a foriegn fruitcake from power in the quickest, most efficient, and safest means possible, we have total retards "risking their lives" in front of military bases impeding folks from focusing on the task at hand which I'm sure, to a large extent, involves minimizing casualties on both sides of the fence, both here and in Iraq, Toprol XL sale.

mom just reminded me that two brothers i grew up with are, αγοράζουν online Toprol XL, Order Toprol XL from canada, at this moment, in active duty overseas, Ohio OH . Køb discount Toprol XL, one is in Japan, the other is on the Iraq/Kuwait boarder, αγοράσετε Toprol XL έκπτωση. Order Toprol XL no prescription, i can't imagine what their parents are going through - both boys in some of the most instable areas of the world, prepared for a proactive fight to prevent future preemtive terror strikes from reaching home, købe Toprol XL. Montana MT Mont. , i don't know what either of those guys think about the politics of this war, but i know that both of them would work as hard as anyone to do their job and to provide for their families. Toprol XL sale, for them, their service overseas IS their job. i feel so fortunate that when i go into work my two worst fears are being shot with foam darts, or being stuck with a "Compact" parking space in between two other poorly parked cars.

i pray that God intervenes though all this and that events unfold such that war never has to happen. yet, if it does, let it be swift, decisive, and with the complete support of those here lucky enough to not have their lives or the lives of their children on the front lines. one can protest politics, one can act against terrorists, but to impede and mock the service of those who risk their lives for the safety of others is completely disgraceful.

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Wednesday, March 12th, 2003

our sister group at work had a new product launch Cheap Toprol XL over the counter, last week and as part of the celebration, fantastic little nerf darts were distributed throughout our floor and the number of people stockpiling ammo grows daily with each spontaneous battle.

at first I thought the proliferation of flying foam projectiles was somewhat of a stressful nuisance - work no longer becomes a peaceful place when everytime you stand up or walk outside your cube you have to worry about getting slammed in the head, αγοράζουν φτηνά Toprol XL. Order Toprol XL online cheap, so in that respect I thought I could sympathize with the thoughts of all those in Iraq that might be fearing the dangers of any attack on their own nations. i mean, buy Toprol XL from canada, Buy Toprol XL without prescription, imagine having to worry about walking outside your cube and getting nuked.

but today i realized that war is really fun, buy Toprol XL. at least if you've got targets and something to hit them with, cheap Toprol XL over the counter. Toprol XL farmacia a buon mercato, now i can understand while all the world leaders are itching to unleash all the toys stockpiled in their own military divisions - i bet saddam is just as eager as any of them. but maybe we can convince them they'd have more fun if they all just play with Nerf weapons.., cheapest Toprol XL online. Kansas KS Kans. , at least no one would die. let's get those Iraq and US troops hovering on the boarders some self-firing darts and let 'em go at it for a couple hours, Washington WA Wash. . Cheap Toprol XL over the counter, when all is said and done everyone will have had a lot of fun, released some stored up agression, and most hopefully of all see how similarly created they are in their inmost being. Arizona AZ Ariz. , maybe then they can all march up together to the Baghdad castle and kick out the pyscho there... or at least convince him to come out for a couple rounds, buy Toprol XL online cheap. Order Toprol XL without prescription, okay, so i'm being quite idealistic, Toprol XL sale. North Dakota ND , but in summary, dart wars seem to be doing more good than harm, buy Toprol XL pills, Toprol XL pharmacy, at least on the home front. Ordering Toprol XL online cheap. Acquistare online Toprol XL. Cheap Toprol XL from canada. Osta Toprol XL. Buy cheap Toprol XL online. Köpa rabatterade Toprol XL. Order Toprol XL online without prescription. Toprol XL en ligne afin. Comprar en línea Toprol XL. Connecticut CT Conn. . Generic Toprol XL. Kjøpe Toprol XL. Cheapest Toprol XL in the world. North Carolina NC N.C. .

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Thursday, March 6th, 2003

So last night I was perusing through the latest articles on my alma mater's newspaper Buy Toprol XL online, , part of me curious about how the online edition has changed over the years, but mostly interested how campus discussion on Iraq and the potential war is shaping up.

I think yesterday was my lucky day as two articles, comprare Toprol XL, Cheap Toprol XL tablets, both editorials on the politics of the Iraq situation, appeared in the Wednesday edition offering content well capable of entertaining readers and of flaming discussion, Toprol XL prices. Buy Toprol XL from canada, What was really cool about the online edition was that users can add comments on any article - continuing the discourse beyond Letters to the Editor and in a larger arena than tables at The Great Hall. That's a really cool feature we should have thought about years ago at The Chronicle, buy Toprol XL pills, Ordering Toprol XL without prescription, possibly instead of stressing over an automated layout design that rivaled corporate online news media of the time.

What was not as cool, lowest price Toprol XL, Kjøp Discount Toprol XL, or perhaps it was just a refreshing reminder, was how blindly liberal some of the community comments were, buy Toprol XL online. New Jersey NJ N.J. , On a college campus people will stand up for anything that speaks in the name of diversity, acceptence, Toprol XL cheap, Toprol XL without prescription, and "peace." (Though only when the focus of issue is something not American, and certainly, buy Toprol XL cheap, Wisconsin WI Wis. , not Chrisitan.) Not that I don't appreciate the extreme views on either side - it's these potentially offensive stongly-felt remarks and hasty analogies that bring out discussion working towards understanding on all sides. However, pharmacy Toprol XL, Buy cheap Toprol XL online, something in me was screaming to bring in views from the world "outside" (the campus) in hopes to combat some of the brainwashing fads of campus liberalism. Maybe I'll find some time to write a letter to the editor in response to some of the discussion, Toprol XL sale. Buy Toprol XL, After all, isn't that one of the duties of an alumnus, acheter Toprol XL discount. Wyoming WY Wyo. . Generic Toprol XL. Vermont VT Vt. . Order Toprol XL online. Order Toprol XL. Toprol XL online cheap. Ordering Toprol XL from canada. Osta Toprol XL. Virginia VA Va. . Ordering Toprol XL no rx. Billige Toprol XL Apotheke.

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