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css reset

Thursday, November 10th, 2011
The blog has been long overdue for a visual refresh for a lot of reasons - not the least of which, everything from screen resolutions to web standards has come a long way since 2003. Back then I’d barely done anything in the way of an original web page since the new millennium. I’m still no CSS ninja but I thought it’s worth noting some decisions I made in laying out new HTML from scratch.
  • Goodbye XHTML. Somewhere along the way I passively picked up the useless habit of trying to close all my tags. I blame subliminal brainwashing from an SGML talk I attended at a government web conference in DC back in 1995. I have this post to thank (along with a few webdev blogs I can't find right now) for freeing me from all this XML-mishmash nonsense. And, of course, we now have <!DOCTYPE html>.
  • reset-fonts-grids The last time a made a major change to my blog I think I tried to ignore as much of the new wizbang CSS and PHP madness that I could and still hack the default Wordpress template at the time, Kubrick. Coincidently, this was just a few weeks before the release of YUI. It would be almost 3 years before some rockstar Brickhouse colleagues would proselytize me on the benefits of a good CSS framework. Ever since, I’ve stuck to the YUI reset-font-grids for most projects. With the hipstometer going through the roof for new and minimal CSS templates I took another look at the options this morning but I eventually settled on the latest iteration of YUI CSS and threw in base styles (headers, lists, etc.) for extra milage. Twitter's Bootstrap is great, but it is already overused in every hackathon of Fall 2011 and is too heavily branded for use in this context. CSS Base was just the right amount of sugar. Unfortunately, reset-fonts-grids is no longer prebuilt as a YUI module but you can easily nab the generated combo URL here with or without base.
  • UTF-8 ❤ Living in France for two years has taught me almost as much about the importance of option-key equivalents as the pronunciation of proper nasals. So like all the high schoolers in Twitterverse with sic emjoi keyboards I ♡ ✍ 😹 in my 覺. Unfortunately, we still need a well-formed meta tag in the header to get UTF-8 rendering right.
Stylistically, I'm starting off simple. Black, white, and a splash of color – probably more inspired by Paris itself than the aftershocks of european modernism. A bit more character should work its way in over time.

Cloud + Apps

Monday, June 6th, 2011
Every year bloggers and journalists come out with hoards of predictions about what devices and services Apple will release at their premiere annual events. When Apple attended MacWorld it kept things sane - consumer predictions vs core hardware & software predictions were well compartmentalized. Now that Apple arguably only has one such premiere event, the future-seekers get too caught up in announcements for consumers (perhaps since that it what drives much of their readership) and looses focus on the fact that WWDC and its related announcements are all about conveying value of the Apple ecosystem to its developers. As such, all the press to date seems to have missed what I predict to be Apple's most significant announcement today. And of course, they've made it easier than ever this year - reduced to a simple equation. Lion + iOS 5 + iCloud = developer nirvana. That is, we're going to take our two open developer platforms and we are going to connect them though a new service called iCloud. Okay, so yes this means all Apple services and devices are connected, but more importantly what does this mean for you the developer? Now every app you write can stay seamlessly synced with every other instance of that app on a user's device and Apple will do the hard work. Better yet, they are going to offer this service for free for everyone on iOS. It's Core Data with all its sophisticated sync services plus superfast cloud-based storage able to handle gigabytes of data, all available to iOS and Lion developers, with just the use of a few simple APIs. Why is this so important? Because everything is going to the cloud. Security stumbles and network brittleness aside, it is the future, and it is already dominating the most powerful apps on Apple's and others devices. Think about the apps you use vs. those from just a few years ago. Things was the had-to-have app for task-management when people mostly worked from one laptop, but it's been largely obsoleted by Wunderlist and similar apps that let you see your data and agenda across all devices, seamlessly. It's the same for Simplenote vs other local-only stores like Pastebot or even the default iOS notes app. The best games store my progress online (eg, Starcraft) so i can pick up from where i left off on any device. Echofon trounces almost every other Twitter app nearly by its global read-and-notify sync alone. 1Password quickly becomes useless if you log in from multiple devices if you don't keep it stored and accessible via Dropbox. We're done with having to manage and copy our data. Apps need to do this for us. For Developers, it's hard, but iCloud is here to help. Syncing data is hard and so is building reliable network storage that is globally distributed, redundant, and backed up. This is true even for "web apps." As a developer I have to choose between being cloud-enabled or investing in other awesome features that distinguish me from the pack (pixels, killer algorithms, clever interactions). At best, I can leverage an existing cloud-store like iDisk or Dropbox to do this for me, maybe even license a small lib to help make this easier. But my guess is Apple is going to erase this headache for every one of their developers today and thus pave the way for an unprecedented future of interconnected apps on their devices that will leave the competition struggling for at least another couple years - simply because their competition's developer bases won't have the infrastructure available to solve these hard problems. This is what makes Apple's platforms so strong. They solve really hard problems for their developers and eliminate code to write or mange. The App Store has been their ace up until now and after the release of Lion and IOS it will be iCloud. Or, at least it should be. If not, it is someone else's game to win.

Order Toprol XL Online Cheap

Saturday, March 6th, 2010

SXSW is less than a week away and as I sit here at my desk in Paris I've hardly even begun to think about which parties to RSVP for Order Toprol XL online cheap, , much less which panels to attend. With the added pressure of actually being a presenter at this year's festival, Toprol XL cheap, Ostaa halvalla Toprol XL, I'm lucky to have the folks at Beaconfire keeping my co-panelists and I on our toes as we finalize preparation for what I believe will be a significant and meaty discussion contributing to the already exceptional Greater Good line-up at Interactive this year.

For those of you just joining via crosspost-trackback-twitterific magic, Louisiana LA , Købe Toprol XL, I'm Skylar Woodward, designer of the Kiva API and protagonist of the Kiva Developer community, cheap Toprol XL from canada. Arkansas AR Ark. , When we started Kiva just over 5 years ago it was little more than a highly-customized, handwritten blog with some PayPal buttons attached, osta alennus Toprol XL. Cheap Toprol XL online, Though there were some audacious ambitions of transforming the microfinance industry, no one could have guessed we'd be accused of leading an online revolution of fundraising at large, Missouri MO Mo. .

In our panel at SXSW we're taking on this allegation as we discuss "Will Kiva Kill your Non-Profit?" and cornering the chief culprit of this phenominon under the sobriquet (pardon my French) of "Donations 2.0." What is it exactly, order Toprol XL online cheap. Kjøpe Toprol XL online, To me, it is the decentralization of charity driven by a cultural movement to operate in, Wisconsin WI Wis. , Order Toprol XL pills, and through the influence of, community, köpa rabatterade Toprol XL. North Carolina NC N.C. , People see technology, most notably manifest through infinite treasure troves of data and online social connections, acheter Toprol XL discount, Washington WA Wash. , as able inform, empower, ordering Toprol XL, Buy cheap Toprol XL, and monitor the application of their personal resources, thus focusing their impact to the truly good in time where the the same proliferation of information has nurtured a new age of skepticism, Nebraska NE Nebr. . Ordering Toprol XL no prescription, But if this how one defines the new philanthropy, is Kiva truly a relevant example, Arizona AZ Ariz. . Buy Toprol XL online cheap, I think, yes, order Toprol XL, Toprol XL prescription, but not in the way most might think; as Kiva has scaled to hundreds of thousands of loans, the classic Kiva interface arguably does more to centralize than de-monopolize donor channels, order Toprol XL. What then is the role of large charities and NGOs when a single tweet Order Toprol XL online cheap, by Conan O'Brien can relieve economic hardship for a young couple's in small town Michigan. Oklahoma OK Okla. , Knowing our role, what changes should we make and what tech must be employed such that we can serve it, buy Toprol XL cheap. Buy Toprol XL, Does every cause benefit from our new model.

Even after a few months of pondering these questions, Jotta Toprol XL verkossa, Köpa billiga Toprol XL, we as a panel don't have any bullet-point answers to give you. That, in particular, is why we're stoked to fully ignite the discussion with you on March 16 in Austin. For those of you who are instead attending Web Video Thunderdome, I'll see you on the dance floor.

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Thursday, April 2nd, 2009

Buy Toprol XL without prescription, Since Kiva started, I had always dreamed of seeing a loan come full circle in the sense that an entrepreneur I had funded would eventually be able to sell wares to me or my friends. Cheap Toprol XL, There are lots of sites which help to make fair trade goods available to the international community such as Ten Thousand Villages or Trade As One, but none of these were connected directly with any entrepreneurs on Kiva, cheap Toprol XL online. Cheap Toprol XL pills, The best example I had to date was Kilama George requesting a home loan which he would pay for with bracelets he made for the Invisible Children project (sold here in the US).

Today, Kansas KS Kans. , Idaho ID , Kakeda Sun is breaking the mold by selling kramas from Cambodia online. She's doing so with the help of a site called started by a former Kiva Fellow from Brooklyn, buy Toprol XL without prescription. On the site you can choose between blue and white kramas or orange and red kramas, buy Toprol XL without prescription. Toprol XL farmacia a buon mercato, (Krama's are Cambodian scarfs which are used for everything from skirts to headbands). For the full story on Kakeda and her product, Toprol XL online stores, Toprol XL without prescription, check out this video from Ahkun:

Though the kramas sell for $15 online, it's really interesting that you could buy one directly from the entrepreneur for 44 cents if you happen to be in the Chroy Ompel Village, generic Toprol XL. Kjøp Discount Toprol XL, Sanjaya (the former Kiva Fellow who started Ahkun) is being pretty open about the cost discrepancy on the product page and has a complete breakdown of the Ahkun costs on the site. (He's paying a 31 cent premium on each krama and not looking to profit from the venture.) However, New Jersey NJ N.J. , New York NY N.Y. , it probably does more than a loan or a monthly wage to help demonstrate the disparity between costs in our communities and those living in the poorest regions of the world. Maryland MD Md. . Comprar Toprol XL. Cheap Toprol XL without prescription. Cheap Toprol XL no rx. District of Columbia DC D.C. . Comprar Toprol XL baratos. Ordering Toprol XL online without prescription. North Dakota ND . Maine ME Me. . Buy Toprol XL online. Acheter Toprol XL. Indiana IN Ind. . Billige Toprol XL Apotheke. Acquistare a buon mercato Toprol XL. Order Toprol XL online without prescription. παραγγείλετε online Toprol XL. Wyoming WY Wyo. .

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Tuesday, February 17th, 2009

Buy Toprol XL c.o.d., Today, we had a great discussion at Kiva with Martin Burt from Fundación Paraguaya about how microfinance is working in Paraguay and how Kiva is affecting that. He started off with a question his team has been investigating lately which is "Why does microfiannce work?" He pointed out that many simple things have struggled to succeed such as education, Toprol XL online, Buy Toprol XL, food programs, and housing projects, cheap Toprol XL online cheap. Cheap Toprol XL online legally, So he asked why does microfinance, a very complex concept that is nontrivial to implement, For Toprol XL online, Buy Toprol XL cod, work where so many other projects in the same region have failed. His theory is that microfinance works because it assumes poor people are smart, California CA Calif. . Where to buy cheap Toprol XL, Burt suggests that most charitable programs are structured in a way that assumes that the poor are needy because they are less capable of solving their problems that those offering the solution. So education, medical care, or food is given to people in a way that, although not intentional, takes from their dignity, buy Toprol XL c.o.d.. He offered an interesting contrast to the theory of giving that sets microfinance apart form other kinds of aid, buy generic Toprol XL. Discount Toprol XL, He said many people think that by offering someone a $100 loan and asking for $118 (loan+interest) in return, you've taken $18 from that person, acquistare online Toprol XL. Toprol XL pharmacy, In fact, at Fundación Paraguaya, Osta Toprol XL online, Texas TX Tex. , they see things very differently – instead you have entrusted $118 of value to the intelligence and integrity of this person. By contrast, Nevada NV Nev. , Kjøpe Toprol XL, a client who is given 5 pieces of bread is being taken from by every loaf. Buy Toprol XL c.o.d., The gift often assumes he is not capable of finding a way to feed himself and thus steals from his dignity. It creates an imbalance of power, φτηνές φαρμακείο Toprol XL, Köpa Toprol XL online, a sense of something owed by the recipient of aid, and, order Toprol XL no prescription, Toprol XL prices, eventually, works in streaks of racism, Colorado CO Colo. . West Virginia WV W.Va. , The loan, on the otherhand, buy Toprol XL no rx, Michigan MI Mich. , assumes the borrower (though poor) is smart and worthy of trust and investment.

He went on to explain that his team is working on other programs that preserve this basic assumption of microfinance - that the poor are smart and able to help solve their own problems, Toprol XL pedido en línea. Order Toprol XL cod, They are applying this to education and they are seeing fantastic improvements to graduation rates compared to free programs based on government or other funding. These solutions often have a genesis with a loan, buy Toprol XL c.o.d.. After loans, cheapest Toprol XL prices, Cheap Toprol XL online without prescription, the person is no longer poor. They need food, købe Toprol XL online, Köpa Toprol XL, they can buy food. They need medicine, they can buy medicine. They want education, so they begin to invest in it. Buy Toprol XL c.o.d., The programs preserve the dignity of the people trying to bring necessary change to their lives.

I had imagined that after brining loans to the poor, one of the next steps for Kiva might be to bring their products to the lenders (eg, coffee from an entrepreneur sold to Americans via the web) – to close the loop in the give and the take. While this isn't necessarily a bad idea it might be the wrong approach to helping the people advance themselves as a society. Maybe what is needed are more choices for people beyond loans, more opportunities for them to invest in their own quality of life. In that sense, we'd be bringing more high-quality and affordable products to them, offering more tools from which to choose to solve the problems they face. I've always heard it said that microfinance is traditional finance turned on its head – offering money to those most deserving (read: in need, yet responsible) rather than those offering the lowest financial risk. It is exciting to think about how other problems in developing regions could be solved by a similar inversion of the traditional approach.

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Order Plavix No Prescription

Wednesday, June 21st, 2006

I started my travel blog for adventures during the World Cup in Germany here Order Plavix no prescription, . The blog itself is a work in progress to get things together (photos, generic Plavix, Oklahoma OK Okla. , style, etc.), Osta Plavix online, Plavix online kopen, but it's a start and place to begin writing. Cheap Plavix online legally. Buy Plavix overnight delivery. North Carolina NC N.C. . Order Plavix online legally. Order Plavix. Tennessee TN Tenn. . Cheap Plavix without prescription. Plavix cheap. Plavix sale. Louisiana LA . Lowest price Plavix. South Dakota SD . Plavix online cheap. Order Plavix cod. Köpa Plavix. New Jersey NJ N.J. . Pharmacie Plavix bon marché. Maine ME Me. . Buy Plavix no rx. Montana MT Mont. . Cheap Plavix no rx. Plavix prescription. Plavix online. Order Plavix no prescription. Koop korting Plavix. Comprar Plavix baratos.

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Thursday, March 23rd, 2006

This evening I went to see The Confederate States of America Order Plavix online cheap, . It is good, Nebraska NE Nebr. , Ostaa halvalla Plavix, and it will change the way you look at your world, if only for a few hours, Plavix pedido en línea. Order Plavix no prescription, The movie parodies a british documentary about the history of the Confederate States of America, as if they had won the Civil War and slavery was still legal in the states, Oregon OR Ore. . Comprar Plavix, At first the notion seemed a little hokey to me - what's the point of making a history that did not and will not come to pass. However the merit of the film was that it constructed a history in a way that was almost believable but captured just enough absurdity to let you laugh comfortably at it and feel uneasy about the ideas portrayed at the same time, cheap Plavix pills. You can get a feel for this by looking at the timeline on the movie's web site, order Plavix online cheap. Goedkope Plavix apotheek, To me the movie had two important points - that we take for granted how easily truth is masked, and we live much closer to the state of racial divide portrayed in the movie that we believe, order Plavix. Plavix pharmacy, Much of our viewpoint is how we market the current state of the world to ourselves.

[ Spoiler starts here, cheap Plavix no rx. Ordering Plavix online, ]

The first point is made quickly and evidently at the end of the movie. Order Plavix online cheap, For most of the film you feel that you've been watching a fabrication of a group of creatively crude and sarcastic minds. If you showed the movie to many Americans, generic Plavix, South Carolina SC S.C. , they might enjoy it as a fun memento to a past that never was - a tribute to the Great Confederacy. In fact, buy Plavix pills, Comprare Plavix sconto, at points it is hard not to think that the movie is going too far with it's game and that the filmmaker's agenda is actually opposite of that advertised. However, acquistare a buon mercato Plavix, Mississippi MS Miss. , at the end, you're quickly sobered by how many of the facts presented in the movie were true - and you realize that much of the content was indeed fabricated by creatively crude minds who have never had a chance to share it, For Plavix online. Køb billige Plavix, While men like Lincoln are recalled in the film as "forgotten leaders, all but erased from history, pharmacie Plavix bon marché, För Plavix online, " other icons of the modern C.S.A. are hearlded as heros yet were real men who are today the ones unknown in modern American history, order Plavix online cheap. It is a striking juxtoposition that should make Zinn proud, order Plavix overnight delivery. Comprare Plavix, The second effect of the film only really came to me after I left the theater. As Jeremy and I were talking on 16th Street, Ohio OH , Acheter en ligne Plavix, I was very sensitive to the color the poor on the street. As I walked home there were two homeless sleeping in storefront doorways and I knew they were black, Michigan MI Mich. . Order Plavix online cheap, I looked in the bars I passed in the gentrified Mission and everyone was white. North Dakota ND , As I walked down an empty alley I realized how quickly persistent media messages might comfort me in thinking that attitudes and reason portrayed in the film were valid - I was listening to people blatenly deny civil rights to groups of people (of women, and people of every color) and rationalize it, billige Plavix Apotheke, Buy Plavix online cheap, but I wasn't being shown the suffering of those people. Most importantly, I was so lulled into feeling pleasantly uncomfortable with fabricated divisions of race in class on the screen, that when I saw them moments later in real life, I was immediately convicted of how congruous that world was to the one I had just scorned.

It's audience responses like this that make for good film. Go see this film if you can. It won't be the best film you see this year, but it will be good for you.

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Friday, March 3rd, 2006

Jeremy & Fiona chez Skylar

Jeremy and Fiona Order Norvasc, moved out to California on a whim. They met Matt and Jess, Maine ME Me. , Cheap Norvasc online legally, fell in love with Kiva and decided to stay for a while - maybe months, perhaps years, kopen goedkope Norvasc, Norvasc online kopen, who knows. For now they're staying here, Illinois IL Ill. . Norvasc pharmacy, Welcome to San Francisco, Frazaos, cheap Norvasc from canada. Norvasc farmacia a buon mercato, Kiva yourselves. Wyoming WY Wyo. . Montana MT Mont. . Buy Norvasc pills. För Norvasc online. Arizona AZ Ariz. . Norvasc en ligne afin. Cheapest Norvasc online. Acheter Norvasc. Nebraska NE Nebr. . Order Norvasc online. Order Norvasc online. Nevada NV Nev. . Cheap Norvasc. Buy generic Norvasc. Cheap Norvasc no prescription. Norvasc pedido en línea. Pennsylvania PA Penn. . Order Norvasc pills. Buy Norvasc cod. Goedkope Norvasc apotheek. Ordering Norvasc overnight delivery. Connecticut CT Conn. .

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Monday, February 13th, 2006

Order cheap Norvasc online, Today Yahoo. launches its coolest open-source initiatives to date... the Yahoo, North Carolina NC N.C. . Mississippi MS Miss. , UI Library and the Yahoo. Design Patterns Library. Congrats to the YUI team on an amazing industry-leading gift to the web, Virginia VA Va. . Buy cheap Norvasc. Buy Norvasc without prescription. Ordering Norvasc online cheap. Kjøpe Norvasc online. Cheap Norvasc. Order Norvasc overnight delivery. South Dakota SD . Farmacia Norvasc baratos. Acheter en ligne Norvasc. Rabatt kaufen Norvasc. Cheap generic Norvasc. Buy Norvasc cod. Louisiana LA . Ordering Norvasc without prescription. Buy Norvasc online cheap. Virginia VA Va. . Norvasc prescription. Ordering Norvasc. Missouri MO Mo. . Massachusetts MA Mass. . Norvasc no prescription. Norvasc online kopen. Alaska AK . Norvasc sale. Delaware DE Del. . Connecticut CT Conn. . Comprar en línea Norvasc.

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Monday, October 24th, 2005

Order Norvasc no prescription, Last weekend I went pumpkin pickin' along the coast with some city folk. Along the way Dan and Ginny's camera was responsible for many a fine photo, New Hampshire NH N.H. . Order Norvasc, Some of my favorites are in my photo stream. Buy Norvasc overnight delivery. Oklahoma OK Okla. . West Virginia WV W.Va. . Buy Norvasc without prescription. Ordering Norvasc online cheap. Köpa rabatterade Norvasc. Order Norvasc without prescription. Om Norvasc online. District of Columbia DC D.C. . Lowest price Norvasc. Order Norvasc online. Oregon OR Ore. . Cheapest Norvasc in the world. Um Norvasc online. Norvasc for sale. Idaho ID . Pennsylvania PA Penn. . Order Norvasc no prescription. Order Norvasc online. Buy Norvasc no rx. Køb billige Norvasc. Rhode Island RI R.I. . Comprare Norvasc sconto. Købe Norvasc online. Norvasc prices. Osta alennus Norvasc. Order Norvasc c.o.d.. For Norvasc online.

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